Ursula Scherrer


"I am attracted to what is fleeting, what can't be captured, what is past before it is even recognized. The viewer is placed into an intimate environment - what does she/he take with her/him? And that in itself is always an interpretation of the actual. The inner landscape in the outside world - my work is less about what one sees then about the feeling that it leaves behind. My aesthetic training began with dance, transitioned to choreography and expanded to photography, video, text, mixed media."

James Siena


"I think all artworks come out of certain constraints that artists put on themselves. I'm just trying to be more explicit in the use of constraints. I've tried to make paintings that look like my paintings but are very different morphologically. And one way of doing that is being very explicit in what conditions are put upon the making of the work.

"There's a material that goes into these paintings. They're not entirely cerebral; there must be some emotional content. I'm not trying to prevent it, but I'm not at all explicit with that aspect of the work."

From Brooklyn Rail interview by Chris Martin.