Stepanka Rockova


Though born in Prague, Stepanka Rockova is most at home at Kvida; she's been a part-time dweller in the little mountain village since her childhood. She finished her Masters studies in 1992, with a thesis on literary aspects of the book Sumava Umirajici a Romanticka (Sumava Dying and Romantic) by Josef Vachal. Vachal is still her great inspiration, and quite a few of her works have originated in the Sumava mountains. She prints her photographs full frame and presents her pictures without modifications or retouching. Her macro-photographs and landscapes capture her immediate environment and reveal unique imaginary worlds.

From "Stepanka Rockova, Beyond Midnight," Galerie Fotografic

Amelie Von Wulffen


Through a mixture of large-scale works on paper, wall murals and hand-painted furniture, von Wulffen reflects on the uncertainties between the writing of one 's identity and the writing of cultural and social history. By mapping the surface of her work with an almost dream-like connectivity, von Wulffen depicts a social world of domestic conviviality, Old World ornamentation and theatrical self-portraiture.

Courtesy Greene Naftali Gallery